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Egagasini Node

Off-shore marine observations and research

About us

The Egagasini Node for marine offshore systems was established in 2007 as one of the SAEON Nodes for long term observations. It has grown into an internationally-recognised long-term ocean observing and modelling network. Whilst feeding into the SAEON vision, the Node vision is to advance our understanding of our marine systems through the ability to detect, predict and react to global change in order to create a sustainable ocean environment.

Safiyya Sedick

Meet the new coordinating officer for the SeaMap project

Safiyya Sedick, the new coordinating officer for the SeaMap project Safiyya conducting field work along the west coast of South Africa Safiyya Sedick’s key focus has been describing new species of marine worms, especially from southern African offshore sediments, as well as offshore ecology and the identification of benthic macrofauna. Having previously worked in the private sector, she has experience

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Five years of benthic monitoring in the Sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean

By Grant van der Heever, SAEON Egagasini Node The unmistakable Marion Island Research Base on a characteristically cold morning (Photo: Grant van der Heever) The year 2022 marked the Egagasini Node’s fifth year of benthic photographic monitoring around the Prince Edward Islands in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean. Launched in 2013, the study was designed to monitor long-term variation in the

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NRF-SAEON continues to foster academic cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region as South Africa is endorsed as chair of the IORAG 2022–23

Our oceans are increasingly under pressure due to human impacts such as overfishing and pollution. Various management practices, tools and strategies are continuously being developed to manage the ocean and coastal space more effectively for the benefit of all. These include marine spatial planning, ecosystem-based management, sustainable ocean economies and natural capital accounting.

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